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Welcome to the APH Community page. Here you can find all you need to know before travelling, from the latest news to currency exchange rates. A great way to be a part of the APH Community is to like us on Facebook, this gives you the chance to win great prizes and keep in touch with APH!

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10 ways to find safe, reputable airport parking (6/28/2016) - Recent reports in the Sun and Daily Mail reveal why it’s essential to use reputable airport parking firms such as APH. Beat the rogue operators by using this guide to help ensure your car’s kept safe – and fully secured…
Euro 2016 France: Your at-a-glance travel guide (6/27/2016) - Heading to France to follow one of our national teams? From stadiums to fanzones and cheap accommodation, we’ve the Euro 2016 travel info you need…   Here’s the all-important stadium tour and guide to who’s playing when and where.
Brexit – what next for my holiday? Your questions answered (6/24/2016) - It’s been a big night in the UK’s history – but how could events of June 23 affect your holiday? Here’s what is likely to happen next… Will my holiday cost more now we’re leaving the EU? It’s inevitable that…
Life on the beach revealed for 2016: From nude bathers to what annoys us most on the sands and so much more (6/22/2016) - From who’s going nude to finding the best-looking bathers… here’s what to expect when heading to the beach for your summer holidays… Looking at everything from which nationality is most likely to fully disrobe on the sands, to which beach…
LIVE: Driving licence changes – all you need to know (6/22/2016) - Find everything from how to change your address to checking your penalty points and renewing your photo – we’ve got all the driving licence information you need here. [/visibility]
Travelling with hearing loss… don’t let it hold you back (6/20/2016) - Hearing problems leave many Brits feeling nervous about travelling to unfamiliar places, according to new research. Read these top 10 tips to help ensure you’re able to travel with confidence whatever level of impairment you have. Problems hearing in crowds…