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Welcome to the APH Community page. Here you can find all you need to know before travelling, from the latest news to currency exchange rates. A great way to be a part of the APH Community is to like us on Facebook, this gives you the chance to win great prizes and keep in touch with APH!

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Holiday health detective: Stay healthy and happy on holiday with our 4-step guide to beating the bugs (7/26/2016) - Becoming ill on holiday is extremely rare these days, but following this guide can help stack the odds heavily in your favour… Follow our guide to every stage of your holiday to help ensure your break in the sun isn’t…
Electronic devices phone chargers and body scanner security rules at Gatwick Airport (7/25/2016) - Flying out of the UK? Make sure you’re up to date with the latest on electronic devices and new security rules at Gatwick Airport. Here’s the must-have information to ensure you don’t miss your flight – or have expensive phones,…
Spot the animals for your chance to win London Zoo tickets (7/22/2016) - Drag the kids from screen-gazing apathy and whisk them away to far-flung corners of the world to meet exotic wildlife from a wealth of nations. Or, put simply – win a trip to London Zoo.    
Top 10 holiday stresses for Brits – and how to beat them (7/21/2016) - Brit travellers have revealed their top 10 holiday stresses – with half of the blood-boiling triggers taking place at the airport. Read on to find out what’s getting you heated and how to beat the stress of departure day… The…
How to get a new EU passport when Britain says adi-eu (7/21/2016) - Britain has spoken on EU membership, but what are the options for those on the Remain side of the divide? How about a new passport? Find out how your parents or spouse could help you gain dual-citizenship and a place…
Get a passport fast… all you need to know (7/21/2016) - Are you suffering from passport panic? Stop! Take a deep breath and read on – it’s the APH.com guide to getting a passport when you need it. *Our countdown to panic guide is based on information provided on the Gov.uk…