Bath ‘congestion zone’ charging plan revealed… drivers could soon be charged to drive in the historic city

The historic city of Bath has revealed plans to introduce a daily charge for motorists to drive in its centre.

The move would make it the one of the first UK cities to operate a charging system outside of London.

Bath could be the next city to add a charge to drive within its centre.

Bath could be the next city to add a charge to drive within its centre. Wikipedia

Durham currently has such a system charging £2 a day to drive in it between 10am-4pm Monday to Saturday.

Bath & North East Somerset Council has put forward plans to tax high-emissions vehicles for entering a Central Clean Air Zone (CAZ) in the city.

Two of the proposals include plans to charge the likes of coaches, buses, HGV and taxis – but not private motorists.

A third plan submitted would also hit private car drivers with older vehicles – likely to mean petrol engines produced before 2006 and diesel cars from before 2015.

Conservative councillor Bob Goodman said: “We are legally bound to reduce levels of N02 in line with the government’s requirements.

“As such, one of the three options for a Clean Air Zone would involve charging certain types of cars to drive into the centre of Bath, whilst the other two options would only affect other types of vehicles such as HGVs, buses, coaches and taxis.”

The CAZ would cover Bath City centre and include tourist hotspots of Queen Square, Royal Crescent and Bath Spa.

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