Blinded by German tomatoes… global idioms that don’t quite translate

Idioms, as you’ll know, are expressions whose meanings don’t always relate to the literal meaning of their words.

Allowing us to describe ideas in a slightly more visual and poetic manner, idioms are unique to languages around the globe.

However, when translated to other tongues, their literal meaning can often result in hilarious nonsensical phrases.

Expedia has snuffled out a selection of the most amusing examples from around the world.

So let’s not beat around the bush – here are some of our favourite idioms that got lost in translation.

You have tomatoes in your eyes… we’re just a little bit scared!

Finding that winning lottery ticket somewhat reminds us of looking for the fifth leg of the cat…

Hey Michel Barnier, the carrots are cooked – deal with it…

Don’t worry – I’ll pay the duck for you… now that’s devotion.

Are you spending your days at work playing piano to a cow?

Did you fall from a Christmas tree? Clearly, only the ill-informed would consider scaling a small decorative tree draped in tinsel, glass baubles and cheap low-voltage lighting.

Are you singing the apple or just pleased to see us?

Flower on a high peak – try following your dreams with the help of a small step ladder.

We’re always letting a frog out of our gobs!

Born to be a Tamale? Look out for leaves bashing you on the bonce… apparently.

A dog in church? He’s probably looking to have a word with the fella at the front who’s wearing his collar!

It’s not you, it’s me who’s pouring water over your head.


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