Brits could need to buy a visa to visit holiday hot-spots of Spain, France and Italy

Brits heading to EU countries will have to pay for a visa to enter popular holiday destinations such as France, Italy and Spain.

Brits could soon need to buy a £6 visa for EU travel

Brits could soon need to buy a £6 visa for EU travel

The new charge on Brits heading abroad was signed off by EU ambassadors yesterday, according to a report in the Sun.

It’s claimed the new charge will apply to all those travelling to the Schengen Zone, which the UK is not a member of.

The scheme would closely resemble the ESTA scheme in the US, where visitors from countries that don’t need a full visa can apply online for permission to enter the States for a cost of around £10.

There are currently no plans for Britain to charge visitors a similar fee when they arrive or prior to travel.

Currently, Brits can enter the Schengen Zone simply by showing a valid passport at Border Control.

The visa would be valid for three years, according to sources.

The plans were created by the European commission as part of its EU travel information and authorisation system (Etias).

It is still possible that Britain will not be subject to this visa, if a deal is reached in the Brexit talks later this year.


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