Can you beat the blizzard to find our wayward wizard? Kill a little time as you wait for the weekend with our latest visual brainteaser

With the UK on the verge of wintry weekend weather system, let’s while away Friday by searching out the wayward wizard in this snow-covered puzzle.

Where's that wayward wizard?

Where’s that wayward wizard?

The mischievous Merlin is wearing a cape, pure-white beard and his trademark pointy hat, but can you locate the missing magic man?

According to, which created the visual brainteaser, you’ll need a sharp eye and a bit of luck to spot the errant wizard.

You can scroll down and reveal the location if you find yourself totally snow blind. Good luck.

This puzzle is just for fun, but remember to Like our Facebook page for big competitions, with bigger prizes coming soon.

Stumped? Click below to reveal the answer…

Spoiler alert: Click here to reveal Merlin

Now go and get some hot choc, you silly Wiz!

Now go and get some hot choc, you silly Wiz!


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