How to choose secure meet and greet parking at Gatwick Airport

Don’t risk leaving your car with a rogue operator when using meet and greet parking at Gatwick Airport. Here’s what you’ll need to look for when booking.

Gatwick Approved Operator Scheme

Gatwick Airport runs an Approved Operator scheme to ensure passengers can leave their car with confidence when using meet and greet services at the airport. A vital tool to avoid finding your car has been left on public streets or unprotected wasteland.

This is an official Gatwick scheme. Picking a firm that’s recognised and ‘approved’ by Gatwick Airport is essential. is a Gatwick Approved Operator.

Choose a firm with a Park Mark Safer Parking Award

The Safer Parking Scheme is a national standard for UK car parks that have low-crime and measures in place to ensure the safety of people and vehicles. A Park Mark is awarded to each car park that achieves challenging standards. Remember, it’s the car park that gets the award, not the overall firm.

Check the car park

If you’re at all concerned that the car park or meet and greet operator might be using the Park Mark logo fraudulently, contact the issuing authority using the following methods and they’ll let you know whether it’s genuine.

Telephone: 01444 447 300


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