What your holiday cocktail really says about your personality… psychologist reveals hidden meanings

For many of us, a holiday hasn’t started until we’ve ordered our first cocktail from the hotel pool bar! But, what exactly does our choice of exotic imbibing really say about us? Find out here… if you dare.

Here's what your choice of cocktail says about you: Thinkstock

Here’s what your choice of cocktail says about you: Thinkstock

Fortunately, bar and club brand Popworld has commissioned leading psychologist Dr Jane McCartney to reveal just what we’re saying as we enjoy a holiday cocktail or two while lounging around the pool.

Our choice of cocktail is largely based on three key indicators: taste, appearance, and name. Here, Dr Jane dives in and translates what the combinations found in popular cocktails are really saying about the drinker’s personality…

Sex on the Beach: You don’t take things too seriously, life’s too short for that. You’re quite playful and lots of fun to have a friend and partner. You do have a calmer side and are a very loyal and caring friend and partner.

Cheeky V: Like the blue ocean you have hidden depths. Sometimes you can be calm, yet other times can be stormy and unpredictable. You have a deeper mysterious side that only the trusted few get to know. Any romantic partners may have to work hard to get in to your life, but once there, your relationships with be loving and full.

The Godfather: This is the choice of someone who is traditional and reliable, a no-nonsense type of person, who can be relied on. Friends and family seek your help and guidance. You have a hidden romantic side, taking your time with relationships as you’re in it for the long term.

Pornstar Martini: You’re an extrovert and exude confidence and vitality. You love to be the centre of attention. Friends and partners are drawn to as you exclude high energy and excitement. You can be a bit competitive in relationships so choose a partner who can complement you not compete with you.

Woo Woo: You are bold and full of energy, the life of any party. You like being spontaneous and can be a bit of a thrill seeker. Your relationships are full-on and passionate, you make an exciting friend and partner.

Cola Bottle: You are a bubbly type of person, fun to be around, you’re optimistic and have a positive can-do attitude. Any friendships or romantic partners have a great time with you as you don’t do negative, you see the good in life and others.

BubbleGum Martini: You like the cute and simple things in life, although scratch the surface and you can be a very romantic partner. You still retain a child-like persona which attracts partners who want to take care of you.

Absolut Flaskas: You are a practical and straightforward type. You are generous and kind friend and partner, although you have a sharp side and don’t suffer fools. Any relationships must be honest and upfront as you can be impatient if you get messed around.


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