Forget Blue Monday 2018… follow our countdown to happiness and watch the good times roll

With grim weather, broken resolutions and a huge void where our bank balance once stood, ‘Blue Monday’ is, according to a formula worked out by a real-life pencil-wielding boffin, the most depressing day of the year!

Don’t despair, though, we’ve swapped the blues for a countdown to happiness. Simply browse below to see all the good times coming to your life soon…

Countdown to the end of Blue Monday


So, it’s Blue Monday is it? Let’s fight back with a countdown to when it’s over and done! Watch the countdown race towards zero to signify we really are over the worst! Get through today and things can only get better – as these guys will tell you…

Countdown to happiness… The end of Blue Monday

Psychologists say the way to beat depression and anxiety is to take one day at a time, so let’s do just that and see Blue Monday fall away before our very eyes. Take that, so-called Blue Monday!

Countdown to payday


Stats reveal almost 13million Brits got paid early before Christmas, so it’s likely that many of us will be gazing longingly at the calendar as we slurp another bowl of gruel… Don’t worry, simply open up our countdown to payday and watch the seconds, minutes, hours and days bring us closer to cash…

Countdown to happiness… Pay day

We’ve set our countdown to the final day of January – which is Wednesday, 31 – but it’s possible your pay will hit your bank account before this date. So – it could be even better news!

End of ‘Dry January’


Many of us will be abstaining from imbibing during January in the interests of inner health and treating our bodies like the temples they are… however, in reality most of us are likely to gagging for a glass of glog to seriously improve our mood! We salute willpower, of course, but just in case anyone needs a little help… simply view below to access our countdown to booze o’clock.

Countdown to happiness… The end of dry January

February 1 falls on a Tuesday, but we’re sure you’ll be forgiven having a school-night drink on this occasion. Not that we’re suggesting you’ll be desperate or anything, but our countdown is set to 5pm. Remember, drink in moderation.


Start of British Summertime


It’s the Holy Grail for happiness seekers around the UK; when night turns to day and our thoughts really can look towards a brighter future. No more dark commutes home from work – and so what if you lose an hour in bed! Experts also tell us that the extra hour of daylight has a profoundly positive effect on both physical and psychological health. Just remember to reset your watch because the vicar will be looking out anyone sneaking in late at the back…

Countdown to happiness… British Summertime begins

The summers starts here… holidays here we come.

Your next Bank Holiday

bank holiday

It might always rain and the roads are sure to be clogged, but few things in life lift the average Brit’s spirit more than a Bank Holiday! Easter is coming leisure fans, with a double-header of Good Friday and Easter Monday giving us a four-day weekend for free. Not forgetting that Good Friday is a sombre day for many Christians who mark Jesus’s crucifixion with prayer fasting and early closing down the boozer, of course.

Countdown to happiness… First Bank Holiday of the year

Why not check out the countdown clock below and pass the time by booking a long weekend away without losing holiday? Parents have also been known to take kids out of school for the preceding week safe in the knowledge they’ll avoid school holiday price hikes while also dodging fines because their youngsters are missing just four days of lessons – the trigger for penalties is skipping five full days. However, research shows that being absent for just a few days’ schooling can have a lasting and detrimental effect on kids’ education.

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When Harry marries Meghan…

There’s nothing like a wedding to cheer us up, so anyone looking for a mood-boosting trip to the milliner is in for a treat this coming May. Prince Harry and former Suits TV star, Meghan Markle, will be strolling up the aisle together in Windsor.

The happy event is scheduled to take place on Saturday, May 19, which means we won’t be getting a free day off work, but national pride and goodwill is sure to boost nation’s collective mood. Start the countdown now and we’re sure the invitation will arrive anytime soon.

Countdown to happiness… Harry and Meghan get married

2018 FIFA World Cup Russia

The World Cup is coming

Looking for something to really celebrate? How about England’s footballers winning the 2018 World Cup? Okay, so let’s ‘manage expectations’ and simply settle for drinking cold lager (other drinks available) and agreeing that making it past the group stages would be a suitable measure of success.

That’s right, start the countdown to packed pubs, sore heads and dodgy sick days surrounding England matches – it’s our next reason to cheer up.

Countdown to happiness… The start of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia

The tournament kicks off with Russia Vs Saudi Arabia on June 14, but we’re counting down to the first home nation match that sees England take on the might of Tunisia. This match commences at 7pm on June 18 (UK times).

Could we dare to dream…

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Overpriced strawberries and cream, Clare Balding monopolising our TV screens – it can mean just one thing… Wimbledon has officially signalled the start of monsoon season. Forget the rest, this is when we know that everything’s going to be alright and winter is nothing more than a distant memory. Start the countdown and why not grab a Pimms to watch it with?

Countdown to happiness…

If you want to take your place at courtside, you’ve missed the public ballot, so you’ll either have to spend thousands on a corporate hospitality or join ‘The Queue’… find out more about how it works here and see below to start the countdown to ‘summer’

Christmas Day


And so it all begins again… happy Christmas!

What makes us happy and sad…

Just in case you are wondering why you’re feeling down and what you can do about it, research from a survey of Brits revealed the following…

Top 5 ways we combat a bad mood in January:

  1. Listening to music
  2. A hug
  3. Sunshine
  4. Watching a film on DVD
  5. Booking a Holiday

Top 5 ways our mood is affected in January:

  1. Bad weather
  2. Darker mornings
  3. Colder temperature
  4. No money
  5. Weight


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