Heathrow Airport launches its own Alexa Skill for travellers

Heathrow Airport has become the first UK hub to launch its very own voice-controlled Amazon Alexa Skill.

With more than 40 per cent of the Brit population expected to own a voice-controlled smart device, by the end of the year, Heathrow is hoping the software will improve the overall experience of travellers using the UK’s busiest airport.

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You can now talk to Heathrow with its new Alexa Skill

The project has successfully overcome the challenge of allowing users of Alexa devices to view information covering around 1,300 aircraft movements each day.

Harnessing data and interpreting codes from more than 84 airlines was also a considerable challenge for developers creating Heathrow’s new Skill.

The Alexa Skill pulls information from within Heathrow’s flight information database, which is used to collate airline schedules across all terminals and carriers.

Google's Alexa can now help you get information on flight details at Heathrow Airport

Google’s Alexa can now help you get information on flight details at Heathrow Airport

Passengers will now be able to use Alexa alongside the airport’s existing website, and mobile-based app to gain live flight information 24 hours a day.

Stephen Glenfield, Senior Digital Manager at Heathrow, told International Airport Review: “Delivering detailed flight information directly to customers within their homes is another fantastic milestone in improving our digital experience.

“Launching the first airport-specific Alexa Skill in the UK ensures easy access to the latest flight information, helping passengers to plan their journey more effectively and improve their experience from start to finish”

Travellers will find the Skill is available in the Amazon Skill store now.

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