Do you know your holiday road signs? Take this interactive test to find out

British drivers are finding it difficult to understand holiday road signs when travelling abroad, according to a new survey. 

Take our holiday road sign test

Take our holiday road sign test

Research by Co-op Insurance revealed as many as 70 per cent of motorists had come across a sign they did not understand while driving abroad.

The study also revealed that ten per cent of drivers said they’d been involved in an accident while driving in a foreign country – directly as a result of a sign they failed to understand.

With millions of Brits heading abroad and many either taking their own vehicle, or hiring one locally, it’s easy to see why this could be such a big problem.

Find out how well you know your signs with this interactive test from Co-op Insurance.

Simply choose the country you’re travelling to and find out how well you know the local signage.

Take the holiday road sign test here

Simply pick your destination then hit go to test your knowledge of local road signage.

It’s no just holiday signs that we struggle with – see how you get on with our interactive parking sign test too.


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