How young at heart are you? Use this test to help plan your next holiday

Are you full of the joys of spring? Will you be planning a party holiday or relaxing sojourn with plenty of early nights? A new quiz reveals if you’re young at heart or starting to feel your age.

Time waits for no man, so we should simply embrace what makes us happy! Do you really want to put yourself through another two weeks of all-night partying when all you really fancy is a laid back Caribbean cruise?

This quiz from Future You, helps to reveal just how young at heart you really are. Don’t book that week-long cabbage-fest on Eastbourne seafront just yet…

How young at heart are you?

You might have switched from Radio 1 to Radio 2, or found yourself reaching for a cup of tea where your Crème de Menthe once stood, but it doesn’t mean you’ve crested the hill of life just yet. Take the quiz, above, to see just how young at heart you really are – and see where it takes you with your travel plans for 2018…


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