Ryanair cuts check in time – and missing the deadline could cost £55

Starting from today, Ryanair passenger have just 48 hours to check in ahead of their flight – unless they’ve paid to choose a seat.

Previously, the cheap-flights airline allowed passengers a week to check in, this was then cut to four days and from today it’s been halved to just two days.

Don't hang about when checking in for your Ryanair flight

Don’t hang about when checking in for your Ryanair flight

The only way to get around the cut is to pay for added extras such as reserving a seat.

If passengers miss the two-day check-in window – which shuts two hours before the flight’s departure – they’ll be charged £55 at the airport and £25 for infants.

What’s the problem with the shortened check-in window?

Most passengers will now have to find internet access to check-in for their return flight while on their trip. The only alternative is to pay-up for seat reservations.

The additional time will give more choice to those who choose to book seats.

A spokesperson for the airline previously told the Sun: “This is more than double the 24 hour check-in period operated by British Airways, Lufthansa, Norwegian and Iberia.”

Passengers can reserve a seat from £4, which will allow them to check in up to 60 days before the flight departs.

Any other changes?

Hand luggage rules have changed for Ryanair passengers

Hand luggage rules have changed for Ryanair passengers

The airline has also recently added a charge to passengers who want to take more than one item of hand luggage onto a flight.

Bosses at the airline blamed the move on overhead storage space getting too crowded – now only Priority Boarding customers can take a second bag into the cabin.


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