Stay with the stars of movies and television – book the hotels and homes used in films and TV

Hotels from films and TV where you can stay

Hotels from films and TV where you can stay

Add some celebrity sparkle to your trip by booking accommodation in a hotel room from classic movies and TV shows… we’ve got the addresses and info right here

• Stay in hotels from Hollywood blockbusters to Brit TV classics
• Find out how much to buy a house in iconic television locations
• Fancy something spicy? Book a stay in a notorious hotel room
• Find out how to get the best deals on your A-list accommodation

Add some glitz to your trip with a night in a hotel from the movies. Here are just a few celluloid-celebrated establishments you might like to consider.

Here’s what we’ve got…

Hotels from film and TV
Details of hotels in film and TV
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Notorious hotel rooms
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Hotels from movies and television…

Choose your celebrity stop-over from our selection of hotels from classic TV programmes and big-screen blockbusters…

Benidorm… Hotel Sol Pelicanos/Ocas

Meet you in Neptunes...

Meet you in Neptunes…

Who, what, where and why: Dysfunctional families, incompetent staff and endless laughs. The classic Brit ensemble comedy is returning to UK screens for series 10 in February 2018.
Starring: Current cast members include Jake Canuso, Elsie Kelly, Tim Healy, Adam Gillen, Tony Maudsley, Sherrie Hewson and Only Fools & Horses legend John Challis. Unmissable special guests this series will include The Chuckle Brothers, Nigel Havers, Mark Heap, Bobby Ball, Claire Sweeney, Layton Williams, Carol Decker, Tony Hadley and Holly Johnson.
Previous guests have included Joan and Jackie Collins, Cilla Black, Melvyn Hayes and the legendary Bananarama
Find out more: Here’s what is coming up in the new series of this classic ensemble comedy from the hand of Derren Litten and Mark Brotherhood.
Stay with the stars: Known as the Solana in the show, the Hotel Sol Pelicanos/Ocas is the main location for this popular Brit comedy that’s returning for its tenth series on February 28, at 9PM – just after Corrie. The room scenes are filmed in the Acuariam II Apartments, which overlook the pool, while Neptunes – the all-inclusive restaurant and karaoke bar where much of the evening action takes place – is filmed at the adjacent Morgan Tavern. Don’t expect to arrive and be met by hotel boss Joyce Templeton Savage (Sherrie Hewson), the reception and ‘on-site’ hair salon are studio sets. There’ll be no new filming in 2018, but let’s hope for a new run for the fun-in-sun classic for 2019. Fans can get a hit of the show in the UK, too, with a new stage show starring many of the cast regulars.
Check in: Take a tour of the hotel here
How much: Pay from around £50 per night per room in June for the Hotel Sol Pelicanos or around £30 per night for rooms in the Acuariam II Apartments.
Find out more: Visit the website here

Forgetting Sarah Marshall… Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii

Turtle Bay

Forget Sarah Marshall here at Turtle Bay: image credit

Who, what, where and why: Jilted man takes holiday to get over being dumped by TV-star girlfriend in favour of successful rock star. Plan falters as ex and new lover also decide to holiday at the same resort.
Starring: Jason Segel, Kristen Bell, Mila Kunis and Russell Brand
Take a look: Watch the trailer…

Click here to watch an extract from the movie
Stay with the stars: Three’s already a crowd in this movie, so why not crash the party by booking a stay at the Turtle Bay Resort, Hawaii where the movie was set. Along with being the primary location for FSM, Turtle Bay resort has also featured in filming for Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Pirates of the Caribbean IV, the original Hawaii Five-0 and Tom Selleck’s moustachio’d Magnum P.I.
Check in: Take a virtual tour of Turtle Bay Resort here
much: Expect to pay from around £180 per night for a booking in June.
Find out more: Visit the website here

Sex and the City movie… Hotel Giraffe, New York

Mr Big's place

Big’s pad can be found on top of Hotel Giraffe in New York: image credit

Who, what, where and why: Carrie’s set to finally put us out of our misery and get hitched to Big… until one of her besties accidentally causes the large one to jilt her. Will she, won’t she? Watch the film if you care…
Starring: Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis, Cynthia Nixon and Chris Noth.
Take a look: Watch the trailer…

Click here to watch an extract from the movie
Stay with the stars: The posing pad which the film portrays as Mr Big’s opulent city apartment is actually Penthouse 1202 in New York’s Giraffe Hotel. Located in the centre of Manhattan at 365 Park Lane, it’s the ultimate destination for Big-loving SATC fans.
Check in: Take a virtual tour of Penthouse 1202 here
How much: Penthouse 1202 is available to rent for events such as wedding receptions and meetings, so if you’re looking for a location to celebrate your nuptials, then this could be the venue for you. Hiring the penthouse will cost $2,000 (around £1315), or you could settle for standard accommodation and pay from £300 per room, per night.
Find out more: Visit the website here

In Bruges… Hotel Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce, Bruges


When in Bruges… we’d stay here: image credit

Who, what, where and why: After a difficult day at the office, hitmen Ray (Colin Farrell) and Ken (Brendan Gleeson) head for Belgium to dodge the heat from a messy job. Thrill-seeker Ray’s not impressed by the medieval city, while Ken’s seduced by its beauty and tranquil nature. However, things get a little surreal as the killer duo encounter tourists, locals, romance and an American dwarf.
Starring: Colin Farrell, Brendan Gleeson and Ralph Fiennes
Take a look: Watch the trailer…

Click here to watch an extract from the movie
Stay with the stars: Follow in Ray and Ken’s footsteps with a reservation at the Hotel Relais Bourgondisch Cruyce. This is where the hitmen holed-up for their post-murder sojourn in Bruges. In fact, along with being the main characters’ base in the movie, Fiennes and Farrell also stayed in the elegant waterfront hotel during filming.
Check in: Take a virtual tour of the hotel here
How much: Expect to pay from £125 per night per room.
Find out more: Visit the website here

James Bond’s Casino Royale… The Grandhotel Pupp, Czech Republic

GrandHotel Pup

The name’s Pup… Grandhotel Pup: image credit

Who, what, where and why: With a shiny new licence to kill in his pocket, Bond (played by Daniel Craig in his first outing as the UK’s top spook) heads to Madagascar, plays a game of poker, cheats death, topples dastardly terrorist financier, Le Chiffre, and still has time to seduce a beauty or two before teatime!
Starring: Daniel Craig, Eva Green, Mads Mikkelsen and Judi Dench
Take a look: Watch the trailer…

Click here to watch an extract from the movie
Stay with the stars: Set as the Montenegrin Hotel Splendide, The Grandhotel Pupp features in several scenes; mainly involving 007 wooing Vester Lynd played by Eva Green and dashing around the hotel’s car park. It’s not just Bond that gives the hotel its movie wings, though, scenes from Jackie Chan’s Shanghai Knights (2003) were filmed there, while actors John Malkovich and Antonio Banderas have also been guests. Take a trip here and expect luxury and glamour of a bygone era.
Check in: Take a pictorial tour of the hotel here
How much: You’ll pay from around £110 per night for a twin room.
Find out more: Visit the website here

Midnight In Paris… Hotel Le Meurice, Paris

Midnight In Paris

Midnight In Paris… take a step back in time:image credit

Who, what, where and why: Aspiring novelist Gil Pender is taking his jollies in Paris with fiancée, Inez, where he swerves a night of pontificating with pompous pseudo-intellectual Paul and instead steps out alone for a late-night walk in the city of light. While wandering the streets he encounters a group of strange, yet familiar, revellers who sweep him along and seemingly back in time for nights of inspiration with Jazz-age icons of art and literature. The more nights he spends in the past with these cultural heroes the more he becomes disillusioned with his present.
Starring: Owen Wilson and Rachel McAdams. See the full cast list here
Take a look: See just what the film’s all about here.

Click here to watch an extract from the movie
Stay with the stars: The hotel provides a location for the alfresco wine tasting scene where pompous Paul is driving Gil insane with tedious wine-based snobbery. Filmed in the Belle Etoile – the hotel’s roof-top suite – it’s also a favourite hang-out of Jay-Z and Beyonce when in Paris. The Hotel Le Meurice, has also been dubbed the Hotel of Kings, with Queen Victoria, Alphonse XIII and the Shah of Iran having bedded down for the night in days gone by. Other historical A-listers in the visitors book include Tchaikovsky, Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali – with the latter two also portrayed in the film.
Check in: Take an intimate look around the Belle Etoile Suite at the Hotel Le Meurice, Paris here
How much: Renting the Belle Etoile suite and its expansive of rooftop terrace is reported to cost around £16,700 a night, but slumming it in slightly less salubrious lower-floor accommodation will cut the bill to rates from just £580 for a double.
Find out more: Visit the hotel’s website here

Best Exotic Marigold Hotel… Ravla Khempur Hotel, India

It's the Best and you can visit

It’s the Best and you can visit

Who, what, where and why: Eclectic collection of Brit retirees head for the exotic climes of India in search of an exotic dotage. However, promotional photos of their new home prove a little short of the mark as they check-in to a hotel that’s merely a shell of its former splendour (see what they’ve done there?)… It’s not long, though, before both the ageing guests and hotel draw a new vibrance from each other.
Starring: Multi-talented big-screen big-hitters such as Dame Judi Dench, Bill Nighy, Maggie Smith, Ronald Pickup, Tom Wilkinson, Celia Imrie and the excellent Dev Patel… plus many more
Take a look: Watch the official trailer and take look around the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel.

Click here to watch an extract from the movie
Stay with the stars: Head to the very same crumbling hotel where the retirees resuscitated their lives and see where it takes you. Throw back the shutters, take in the beauty – and don’t forget to duck and dodge those low-flying doves. Alternatively, you could spend a few days in the uber-luxurious Oberoi Udai Villas where the A-list stars stayed during filming.
Check in: Take a tour of the hotel here with this gallery
How much: Pay from £55 per night for a double room
Find out more: Visit the website here

Hotel Budapest… inspired by the Hotel Gellert in Budapest

Hotel Budapest... well as close as you can get

Hotel Budapest… well as close as you can get: image credit

Who, what, where and why: Set between the First and Second World Wars, this charming Wes Anderson movie follows the adventures of Gustave H, a legendary concierge at an equally fabled hotel in the fictional Republic of Zubrowka.
Starring: Ralph Fiennes, Tony Revolori and Tilda Swinton… not to mention an extremely impressive supporting cast packed with big-screen A-listers. Get the full cast list here
Take a look: Watch the trailer…

Click here to watch an extract from the movie
Stay with the stars: Sadly you can’t check-in to the very hotel where Gustave H would have walked the lobby – it was merely a model – but you can book into the city’s Danubius Hotel Gellért, which is said to have provided inspiration for the Hotel Budapest. The hotel’s Art Nouveau architecture and large, light corridors provide a clear link in DNA. It also shares its building with the Gellert Spa; a beautiful thermal bath.
Check in: Take a pictorial tour of the hotel here
How much: Pay from just £31+ per room per night.
Find out more: Visit the website here

The Talented Mr Ripley… The St. Regis Hotel, Rome

The Talented Mr Ripley

The Talented Mr Ripley: image credit

Who, what, where and why: Tom Ripley, a young under-achiever with a penchant for impersonation and forgery, is mistaken for a Princeton graduate and sent Italy to retrieve a American millionaire’s playboy son. However, when the errand fails, the dastardly scamp employs extreme measures.
Starring: Top names include Matt Damon, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Cate Blanchett and Philip Seymour Hoffman
Take a look: Watch the film’s trailer here.

Click here to watch an extract from the movie
Stay with the stars: With its opulent interiors and an austere façade, it’s a seductively dramatic hotel where Tom Ripley takes a deep breath and checks in as Dickie Greenleaf, the ‘pal’ he’s just murdered. Hopefully your back story will be a little less extreme.
Check in: Take a look around with photos and videos here
How much: Rooms start from around £260 for a booking in early 2016.
Find out more: Visit the hotel’s website here

The Witches… Headland Hotel, Newquay, Cornwall

The Headland Hotel

The Headland Hotel: image credit

Who, what, where and why: Small boy takes holiday by the sea, stumbles across evil witches, gets turned into a mouse and so starts a desperate battle to rescue the UK’s children from hag-inflicted rodenticide. One of Roald Dahl’s finest.
Starring: Anjelica Huston, Jasen Fisher, Mai Zetterling, Rowan Atkinson , Jane Horrocks, Bill Paterson and Brenda Blethyn. Full cast list can be found here.
Take a look: Watch the trailer…

Click here to watch an extract from the movie
Stay with the stars:  Located near one of the UK’s finest surf beaches, film buffs can leave their wetsuit at home and get close to the action by reserving rooms 223, 227 and 205 – which were all used for scenes in the movie. Find out all the about the hotel’s association with the film here
Check in: Enjoy a stunning view of the north Cornish coast from the Headland Hotel
How much: From £100 per night
Find out more: Visit the website here

Downton Abbey – the finale… The Ritz Hotel London

Let's get Ritzy as we say farewell to Downton

Let’s get Ritzy as we say farewell to Downton: image credit

Who, what, where and why: Posh folk bitching and behaving badly as underlings from below stairs eat scraps, wear inferior frocks and behave just as reprehensively… apart from Carson, of course… heaven forbid!
Starring: Michelle Dockery, Hugh Bonneville, Laura Carmichael, Elizabeth McGovern, Joanne Froggatt, Maggie Smith, Phyllis Logan, Allen Leach, Jim Carter and Brendan Coyle.
Take a look: Indulge yourself an emotional trip down memory lane with trailers from all six seasons of Downton. Don’t forget the tissues.

Click here to watch an extract from the show
Stay with the stars:  With Highclere Castle – Lord Grantham’s ancestral seat – occupied by its own bone fide toffs, fans of the show can get close to their faves by checking-in to the uber-posh Ritz Hotel in London, where the final scenes of this much-loved aristocratic romp through the ages were filmed. The footage from the hotel’s lavish ballroom is expected to be played out in the show’s Christmas special… and last ever episode. Say goodbye in a way the Dowager would approve of with a night in a room at the very top of Brit society.
Check in: Have a look around the Ritz Hotel with this collection of videos
How much: Pay from £395 for a twin room up to £6,000 for a night in the two-bedroom Prince of Wales Suite. Alternatively, you could save a few pounds and enjoy a £103 lunch for two.
Find out more: Visit the website here

Crossroads Motel… Ramada Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield

Crossroads Motel

Welcome to TV gold: image credit

Who, what, where and why: Set in a fictional motel in the Midlands, this Brit soap ran from 1964-88 on ITV. It was revived for a short-lived and largely unsuccessful run from 2001-03. Famed for its wobbly sets and cheap production values in early years, it was watched by huge audiences – regularly attracting figures of 15million viewers.
Starring: We all remember bobble-hatted Benny (Paul Henry) but a full cast list can be found here.
Take a look: Check-in to the Crossroads Motel featuring the Ramada Birmingham, Sutton Coldfield in its opening credits.

Click here to watch an extract from the show
Stay with the stars: The motel enjoyed many locations for exterior shots, but ‘building work’ in 1985 was the excuse for the show to feature the exterior offered by the Penns Hall Hotel, now known as the Ramada Jarvis Birmingham. The entrance where the car arrives in the opening credits remains clearly recognisable (see clip above). A real treat for soap fans, this one.
Check in: Take a look at the hotel’s gallery here
How much: Pay from around £50 per room.
Find out more: Visit the website here

I’m Alan Partridge… The Linton Travel Tavern – AKA The Hilton Watford

Who, what, where and why: Failed TV presenter turned local radio ‘personality’, Alan, is residing at the salubrious Linton Travel Tavern  while recovering from a stalled career and cheese-induced nervous breakdown.
Starring: Steve Coogan.
Take a look: See Alan in action here. Forward to 2min 10sec to see his arrival ‘home’ at the Linton Travel Tavern.
Stay with the stars: Ahaaaaa… see how the reception staff at the Hilton Watford laugh as you regale them with your finest Alan Partridge greeting. While, we’re not sure its location of 20 miles from Heathrow would prove overly practical for Alan’s daily commute to his Norwich-based radio show, it could prove the perfect stop-over for Partridge fans looking for a pre-flight treat.
Check in: Have a look around by visiting the hotel’s Facebook photo page…
How much: Pay from around £48 per night.
Find out more: Visit the website here[

Fawlty Towers… Gleneagles Hotel, Torquay


Gleneagles Hotel: image credit

Who, what, where and why: Set in a fictional Torquay hotel, Fawlty Towers follows the farcical exploits of neurotic owner Basil, his domineering wife Sybil, surprisingly normal chambermaid Polly, hapless Spanish waiter Manuel and several long-term guests of questionable sanity. Check-in for corpses in the laundry basket, corporal punishment applied to misbehaving family vehicles, wobbly sets and a bellyful of laughs! Oh and not to mention… errr… not mentioning the war!
Starring: John Cleese, Prunella Scales, Andrew Sachs and Connie Booth played the lead roles, but a fine supporting cast was central to the show’s success. Find the full list here
Take a look: Join Basil as he attempts to spread little love and cheer up a distressed German guest…

Click here to watch an extract from the show
Stay with the stars: Sadly, you can’t – the location shooting was carried out at Wooburn Grange Country Club in Bourne End, Buckinghamshire, which was destroyed by fire in 1991.You could buy one of the nine £1million+ houses built on the site. Have a look at potential properties here .
Click here to see ‘Fawlty Towers after the fire
Alternatively, you could attempt to visit the spiritual home of the show… The Gleneagles Hotel in Torquay is where John Cleese got the original inspiration for the show after staying there while filming nearby with the Monty Python team. The then-owner’s rudeness and erratic behaviour led Cleese to describe him as ‘the most marvellously rude man I’ve ever met’.  While Donald Sinclair, the ‘rude owner’, died in 1981, the hotel is still standing… for the moment. It’s also currently closed ‘until further notice’ according to reports it’s soon to be demolished and made into ‘contemporary’ flats, so get down there asap if you want to pay your respects.
How much: No more rates any time soon, we’re afraid.
Find out more: Find the latest situation here (currently down)

I’m An Evicted Celebrity… Palazzo Versace Australia

You don't have to be a celeb to get in here

You don’t have to be a celeb to get in here: image credit

Who, what, where and why: It’s the luxury hotel where post-Jungle ‘celebs’ come to recharge their pampered behinds after being ousted from the reality show for failing to fulfil their quota of showboating in white, clingy pants beneath the handy camp waterfall.
Starring: This year’s roster of ‘top’ celebs looking to resuscitate their earning potential can be found here (with a useful guide explaining why they’re a celebrity)
Take a look: Grab a snatch of the high-brow action here.
Stay with the stars: With its 200 rooms and suites, along with 72 adjoining condominiums, three restaurants and 90-berth private marina, the Palazzo Versace Australia can certainly offer a shred of comfort for the starving celebs kicked out of the spider-infested jungle camp with its single-sex ‘dunny’. So why not join them and the likes of U2, the Rolling Stones, Mel Gibson, Bill Gates and Natalie Imbruglia who’ve also helped fund its upkeep.
Check in: Join the jungle rejects and check out the hotel gallery
How much: You’ll pay from £240 for a twin room and around £800 for a night in a condominium – but the good news is brekkie’s on the house.
Find out more: Visit the hotel’s website here

Doc Martin… Marrrrrton’s surgery, aka Fern Cottage, Port Isaac, Cornwall

It's the Doc's place

It’s the Doc’s place; image credit

Who, what, where and why: Grumpy doc serving eclectic population in a fictional la-la land where patients don’t need to book their illness weeks in advance and local residents of quaint fishing village are in fact indigenous and not Range Rover’d bankers from leafy London suburbs.
Starring: Martin Clunes, Caroline Catz and Stephanie Cole to name but a few.
Take a look: Grab an episode of Doc Martin here
Stay with the stars: It’s not a hotel, but you can pay a visit to Doc Martin’s surgery without the need to show symptoms of an obscure life-threatening illness of the type disproportionately afflicting large numbers of the small Cornish community. No, all you need to do is rent Fern Cottage in Port Isaac – the two-bedroom film location used for exterior shots of Martin’s surgery. Sit back, relax and let your blood pressure tumble while enjoying sensational views over the harbour and sea.
Check in: Have a look around the Doc’s surgery here
How much: You’ll pay from £200 per night for the two-bedroom property.
Find out more: Check availability and book here

Eldorado… Hotel Ciudad Del Cine

Gone and almost forgotten... Eldorado

Gone and almost forgotten… Eldorado: image credit

Who, what, where and why: Multi-million pound disaster orchestrated by the BBC attempting to create a glamorous sun-drenched soap to compete with the likes of Neighbours and Home and Away. However, a largely incompetent cast combined with unconvincing plotlines and production problems ensured Eldorado was not long for this TV world… finally being put out of its – and viewers’ misery – after just a year.
Starring: Alongside the motley collection of ‘amateurs’ the show featured some well-respected performers such as Patricia Brake and Jesse Birdsall
Take a look: Relive the nightmare that was Eldorado with this set of clips from the final episode.

Click here to watch an extract from the show

Stay with the stars: Okay, so it might have been derided for more than 20 years, but perversely Eldorado has also attained cult status… and there’s good and bad news for fans! The set – situated near the village of Coín in the hills above the Costa del Sol – after lying deserted for several years – was converted into a hotel complex called Hotel Ciudad Del Cine. However, in a tragic plot twist, it appears this may have also bitten the dust. We contacted the local tourist board which gave us the following statement courtesy of Google Translate:
“That hotel is closed right now. Only some series recordings and activities Paintball weekends are made.”
So, it’s closed for now, but we’ll keep you updated. Where does the story go from here…

Check in: Take a tour of the hotel and set from 2007.
How much: We’ll keep you updated on this one.
Find out more: The hotel has closed down, but the site is now used for paintballing. Find out more about the set here.

Father Ted’s house… Glanquin House, near Cloon, Ireland

Drop in for a cup of tea... go on - go on - go on...

Drop in for a cup of tea… go on – go on – go on… image credit

Who, what, where and why: Priests behaving badly… nope, we’re not talking about seemingly daily headlines from the UK’s papers, but the popular C4 comedy following the exploits of Fathers Ted, Dougal, Jack and their housekeeper and proud teamaker, Mrs Doyle.
Starring: The much-missed Dermot Morgan, Ardal O’Hanlon, Frank Kelly and Pauline McLynn
Take a look: Have a treat and watch a full episode here… go on, go on go on…

Click here to watch Christmassy Ted
Stay with the stars: You can’t stay in the house, but you can pop in for a cup of tea and cake with the current owners (just remember to book). The ideal day-trip for anyone out and about in this area of Ireland.
How much: Prices start from around £7 for adults with concessions for seniors and children.
Find out more: Book your cup of tea at Ted’s here

Rock ‘n’ roll rooms…

Want your hotel room to come with a slightly more notorious pedigree? This selection’s for you…

Credits: Columbia Hotel, John and Yoko, Hotel Adlon Kempinski, L'Hotel

1) The Columbia Hotel, London
Opposite London’s Hyde Park, it’s Britain’s most famous rock ‘n’ roll hotel. It’s provided a ‘resting’ place for bands from Human League to the Eurythmics and Oasis – with the latter banned for what was described as behaviour ‘more than a tolerant hotel can cope with’.
How much: From £108 per night for a twin
Book here: Reserve your space at the bar here

2) Hilton Hotel, Amsterdam
It’s the hotel where John and Yoko spent their 1969 honeymoon and simultaneously staged a week-long Bed-in For Peace protest. The honeymoon was in room 702, which was later renovated and named the John & Yoko Suite.
How much: Spending a night in this iconic suite will cost you around £1,220 a night.
Book here: Have look round and book the John & Yoko suite here

3) L’Hôtel, Paris
Previous residents include Oscar Wilde, Jim Morrison, Al Pacino, Lenny Kravitz, Frank Sinatra and Quentin Tarantino. Will your name be next to sign the register in the lavish lobby of this bastion of celebrity?
How much: Pay from £200 per night
Book here: Join the luminaires here

4) Sanderson Hotel, London
This is where the late Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder had a well-publicised ding-dong that left both battered and bruised. It’s reported that the £500-a-night room required a £9,000 clean-up.
How much: Pay from £200 per night
Book here: Reserve your room

5) Presidential Suite Brandenburg Gate, Kempinski Hotel Adlon, Berlin, Germany
It’s the infamous hotel suite where Michael Jackson dangled his young baby off the balcony as he waved to fans below.
How much: The website won’t offer a price, but the suite is said to cost around £10k a night. Less presidential rooms will set you back from £200 a night
Book here: It might not let you book, but you can have a look around here

Credits:Columbia Hotel, John and Yoko suite and Hotel Adlon Kempinski and L’Hotel

Live on location…

Want a celeb-connected residence that’s a little more permanent than a hotel room? Using recent property transactions in the same streets, we reveal how much it might cost to buy homes in iconic TV locations…

How much for TV houses

How much for TV houses

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How to get the best deals on your 'celebrity' hotel - and spend savings on the high life

How to get the best deals on your ‘celebrity’ hotel – and spend savings on the high life

Swap that budget hotel for 5-star luxury with our guide to getting the best hotel rooms for less.

Best and worst month to book: When you book your hotel room will impact on how much you pay, so if you’re not tied to specific dates – such as school holidays – choosing your dates wisely can free up cash for room upgrades. Use this research from to find the best months to book for your chosen destination.

Click to reveal average monthly charges (months available)


When to book: Along with the cheapest months to book, when you place your reservation can also save cash and bump your budget a few ‘stars’ to the north. Research from reveals bargain hunters should seal the deal exactly one month before they’re due to arrive. The general belief is that booking further in advance will save more money is found to be incorrect, with reservations made two months in advance costing more than 30-day counterparts. The research reveals rates are highest 2-3 months ahead of travel. The study shows that you’ll get around the same route when booking 2-3 months in advance as you would the day before you travel.

Click here to reveal how hotel prices evolve
Price evolution:

Price evolution:

Best time to book by top destination
While 30 days is the cheapest time overall, the best time to book varies for individual countries. Use this info to plan your booking to get the best rooms for less in these popular destinations.

Spain: 4-7 weeks before travel
UK: 4-5 week before travel
Italy: 3-6 weeks before travel
Germany: 3-4 weeks before travel
France: 2-5 weeks before travel

Upgrade where prices are falling: Heading on a city break and want to add a little celeb glitz to your hotel room? Choose Dublin or Athens – where hotel prices are up year-on-year – and you’ll be paying more for upgrades. However, rooms in cities such as Barcelona and Oslo are down by up to 12% compared with 2014, so the moving up a grade of hotel will be more affordable. Here’s the city-by-city guide you need.

Click here to reveal where prices are up and down
Are prices up or down... meaning cheaper upgrades to top hotels

Are prices up or down… meaning cheaper upgrades to top hotels:

Get the cheap suites: Don’t be too narrow with your price search, using price comparison sites can save you £100s in your search for luxurious accommodation. We searched for a room in the 5-star Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam using price comparison sites and the hotel’s own booking system. The results show a healthy saving of around £160 between the best and worst quotes for our 3-day city break in February – not bad for five minutes’ work.  Here’s how the prices compared.

Three nights in Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam
Cheapest: £698
Most expensive: £859

Use the hotel’s own website and price comparison engines, such as the following, to get the best deals…


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