Take the test… Find out just how rusty your car maintenance skills are

Would a flat tyre leave you sobbing on the phone to your breakdown service, or would you be whipping out your spare and getting on your way in minutes? Find out here. 

Almost three quarters of millennials admit they have no idea how to change a tyre, a study has found.

A poll of 2,000 drivers revealed that while more than four in 10 of those aged 36 and above could confidently change a wheel at the side of the road, just 27 per cent of 18-23-year-olds reckon they could do the same.

Take the test to see how much you know about car maintenance

More than a third of millennials also admitted they would struggle to confidently open a car bonnet while 34 per cent don’t know what power steering does.

And only half of under 35s, polled by TV show Flipping Bangers, know how to check and top up the oil level on their car.

As a result, 63 per cent of millennials have never tried to fix, repair or modify a car they have bought.

Top 20 things millennials would struggle to do:

1. Fix a leaky tap

2. Re-wire a plug

3. Change a headlight bulb

4. Bleed a radiator

5. Change a car tyre

6. Jump start a car with a flat battery

7. Replace the wiper blades

8. Change a fuse

9. Check the tread depth on car tyres

10. Put up a shelf

11. Unblock the sink

12. Descale a kettle

13. Connect your phone to the car radio

14. Build flat pack furniture

15. Top up the oil in the car

16. Change a lightbulb

17. Check the tyre pressures on the car

18. Find the spare tyre

19. Check the oil levels in a car

20. Fill up the screenwash




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