When are England’s World Cup matches and will I need to book time off or pay to watch on TV?

It’s been a slow-burn, but the excitement is rising as England’s first World Cup Group G match is just days away. Here are all the dates you might need to book off from work or plan ahead to make for the pub to avoid potential Love Island clashes at home…

If like the majority of England you’ve decided to skip a trip to watch the matches live in Russia, simply follow our quick guide to what’s happening when and where you can watch the games.

England flags ready for the World Cup

England flags ready for the World Cup

What TV channels can I watch the matches on?

Good news here for sports fans without a subscription to the likes of Sky Sports and BT Sports, every single England game will be broadcast free by the BBC and ITV.

Will I need to book time off work?

Here’s the great news – for anyone who doesn’t work nights! All England Group matches and potential knockout games will be played at 7pm on weekdays and in the afternoon during weekends.

So when are England playing?

It’s the information we all want to know (other nations are available), so put these in your diary or book them off if you’re working nights.

Group G games…

Monday, June 18: England vs Tunisia, 7pm

Sunday, June 24: England vs Panama, 1pm

Thursday, June 28: England vs Belgium, 7pm

Potential knockout stage matches

Last 16… England expects

Monday, July 2: 1G v 2H, 7pm (Match 54)

Tuesday, July 3: 1H v 2G, 7pm (Match 56)

Quarter-finals… you never know

Friday, July 6: Winner match 53 v winner match 54, 7pm (Match 58)

Saturday, July 7: Winner match 55 v winner match 56, 3pm (Match 60)

Semi-finals… err it could happen

Tuesday, July 10: Winner match 57 v winner match 58, 7pm

Wednesday, July 11: Winner match 59 v winner match 60, 7pm

Final… (insert your own prediction here)

Sunday, July 15: 4pm


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